Anthony Durston

Anthony Durston was known to be in Australia when his father's will was probated in 1901. He was listed as a "Gentleman" and resided at Mareeba, Cairns, Australia. A picture of Anthony with a dog is in Arthur's collection in Canada. The back of the picture is noted " Anthony Durston.... Mareba (sic) Cairns Herberton Railway North Queensland Australia..."


Durston Street in Mareeba, Queensland, Au
Mareeba info
Anthony Vital Statistics

Elizabeth Maude Barkle Vital Statistics


Anthony settled in Mareeba, a Queensland town of Australia. For many years, he lived on the street in Mareeba  shown above and which bears his name. He made a living with his dray business hauling water for the town. Also shown is an explanation for the naming of the street, and which includes additional information on Tony.  He was known to have married an Elizabeth Maude Barkle and they had 4 Children; Anthony Thomas Durston, Francis Arthur Durston, Catherine Maude Durston, and Lillian May Durston.

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