Thomas and Martha Durston and family


Photo circa 1864-1866

The photo shown above was contained in an album left by Arthur Durston. It shows Thomas Durston and Matha Southery Greene with their family.

However, their known family are listed below and number 6, while the photograph shows only 5 children. Because Tom Cary was known to have pursued a seafaring career, we had assumed that the boy in the sailor suit was Tom, that William Frederick was missing on that occasion, and the photo would have been taken approximately 1866 (based on the apparent ages of the younger children).  

However, another possibility is that William Frederick is the older boy, and  the younger Anthony Durston has not yet been born  which would place the photograph date at about 1864.  This may be the more probable answer when considering the age of William Frederick to be only about 10 (in 1866), and unlikely to be engaged in other ventures.   


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